TV Spot

Why opt for video?

  • Video leads to 6 times more clicks than the classic display.
  • Video generates emotion and brand attachment (storytelling)
  • Alternative to TV for lower budget advertisers
  • Complementarity with TV: additional coverage via catch-up TV (replay) or media sites
  • Video plays a crucial role for your actions on YouTube, Facebook or Linkedin
  • Increasingly popular format with internet users
  • Video respects user experience with the possibility to advertise (except in catch-up)

Possible formats :

  • Replay of 15 or 30 seconds TV spot
  • Making of web-series with long formats
  • 2 types of videos proposed: instream (ad placed at the beginning of a video) / outstream (not linked to a video). Contextual targeting possible for instream.
  • Format available in programmatic. Highly targeted audience.

Our strengths:

  • Complete project management: storyboard, casting, shooting, soundtrack development, video editing, publishing, possible link with media platforms…
  • Only one contact person for the whole project
  • Purchase mode possible with Click Per View with guarantee to view the whole video
  • 2 Play modes: Click to play or View to play
  • Addition of the CTA to videos for even better performance
  • Integration of “viewability pluggable” technologies: new IAB 70/30 standard via solutions such as IAB or Meetrics

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