Enrichment of data about businesses

With its rich and exhaustive data capital of more than 11 million companies active in France, CARTÉGIE (IDAIA Group) is the French leader in qualified BtoB data. We give you access to personal information and contact data that will enable you to optimize your marketing campaigns.

Enrichment of data about individuals

With its data warehouse of more than 45 million French consumer profiles, fed in particular by strategic partnerships, CARTÉGIE completes your files (contact details, age, location…) and improves your customer knowledge.

Qualified data, updated and in compliance with legislation

CARTÉGIE has a data warehouse that is updated daily. The data comes from official sources (INSEE, Journaux Officiel, Open data) and from its partner program. All the information strictly respects the legislation in force: GDPR, BLOCTEL and CNIL.

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Put data at the heart of your business strategy

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