Data centralization
Unified Customer Vision

360° customer vision: unify your customer data

Federate all information pertaining to your customers in order to get a complete 360° view of your customers. Customer knowledge, to be genuinely viable and actionable, must draw on a broad repository of consumer data.

  • 1Your customers interact with you through multiple channels (web, store, social networks, email...). And, for you, it is very important that they be recognized at every point of contact. Here, you have a single view with all customer-related information aggregated in a single database.

  • 2You may well have lots of data about your customers but it’s scattered in different places. Federate all your data in a single database: customer profile, seniority, receipts, invoices, telephone contacts, newsletter subscriptions, competitions, marketing campaign data, web browsing data, means of payment, etc.

All you need to know about data centralization

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Why centralize them? For what ROI?

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Advantages of a global and unique vision

As an expert in data processing and analysis, the IDAIA Group collects, organizes, logs and aggregates all your data. Thus, you have a complete and up-to-date database containing all your customers' information, regardless of the channel used.

The benefits for your company are multiple:

  • Centralized view of your customer knowledge (contact details, general information, retail and online sales…).
  • Access to a broad and complete analysis potential.
  • Pooling of information between all the departments of your company: sharing and enrichment of this information.
  • Improvement of your segmentations and your scores.
  • Accuracy and increased personalization of the interactions with each of your customers.

For you, this means a unique and global 360° vision. Your analyses become more relevant. You rely on new indicators in order to increase your company’s performance.

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