Attain an unbelievable
opening rate!
When combined with a consumer's purchase, products pushed via third-party advertising have an opening rate of almost 100%!

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Third-party advertising specialist. Accredited by FEVAD (French Federation of e-commerce and mail-order selling)

Third-party advertising, a win/win concept

Be it a simple flier or a real catalog accompanied by samples, discounts, gifts or games, the aim of third-party advertising is to bring added value to the order shipped.

Third-party advertising offers real visibility for advertisers to communicate with a particularly receptive audience. The opening of a parcel is always a special moment for the person who receives it. The person has been waiting, s/he is within a "pleasure” moment, conducive to the discovery of new products.
Inserting your message in this package makes sense...

With the rise of e-commerce, carrying out a third-party advertising campaign allows you to take full advantage of the boom in transactions carried out by web merchants. Millions of packages and parcels are shipped every day by major brands. So many opportunities to unveil your promotional offer!

With so many advantages, it simply makes no sense not to avail of it!

  • Gain
    visibility and

  • Communicate
    during a special

  • Benefit from
    a deliverability rate
    close to 100%

  • Optimize
    the reach of
    your targeting

How a third-party advertising campaign works

  • 1I define my marketing offer and identify my target.

  • 2I send these elements to the IDAIA Group so that they can suggest the best suppliers to spread my message or my product samples.

  • 3Alone or with a third-party advertising expert, I develop my communication support, flier or a catalog accompanied by samples, discounts, gifts or games.

  • 4The supports are sent to the shippers to be inserted into their packages and then delivered.

  • 5The recipients of the parcels taste the pleasure of discovering your offer in addition to their order!

According to your offer, our team selects the most relevant airlines, at the most competitive price!

Our third-party advertising partners

  • Logo partenaire 3 Suisses
  • Logo partenaire La Redoute
  • Logo partenaire Afibel
  • Logo partenaire Becquet
  • Logo partenaire Pierre Ricaud
  • Logo partenaire Atlas For Men
  • Logo partenaire Daniel Jouvance
  • Logo partenaire Damar
  • Logo partenaire Showroom Privé
  • Logo partenaire Françoise Saget
  • Logo partenaire Temps L
  • Logo partenaire Yves Rocher

and a lot more...

With more than 6 million parcels using third-party advertising per year, trust us for your marketing campaign!

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Access a database of more than 13 million mobile phone numbers to boost your SMS campaigns.

Campagne email marketing


Access 17 million consumer and business email addresses for your next email campaigns.

Ciblage propriétaires immobiliers


20 million property owners in individual or collective housing, reachable via multi-channel (SMS, email, post, telephone)

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