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Customer scoring: predict to act effectively

Predictive marketing is an excellent way to improve campaign targeting performance by prioritizing actions and focusing on the most promising customers, prospects, partners and suppliers.

The principle of scoring for data targeting is simple: based on an in-depth analysis of your customer database, our scoring models assign a score to the behavior you expect. With an optimized customer knowledge, you concentrate on customers with the best potential and adjust your actions upstream.

Some examples of customer scoring and predictive marketing services (prediction score):

  • Identify promising prospects whose profiles resemble your best customers.
  • Predict customer attrition to the competition (attrition score ) of your customers.
  • Identify high-potential customers (additional sales, moving up the range…).
  • And any other type of behavior specific to your business for which you lack visibility!

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Data targeting & Customer Knowledge with IDAIA Group

Customer scoring and predictive analysis are based on the processing of the identity data and behavioral data of your prospects or customers (digital behavior, purchase path, etc.). But not only that!

The matching of your data with the data we have in our data banks increases the number of variables of interest in determining the score. Exploring these many variables is crucial for your marketing based on data targeting: each of them will have a more or less decisive impact on the expected and analyzed behavior.

Our commitment:

  • An expert in statistical techniques, our Project Manager identifies your business needs and determines with you which method to use.
  • If your data is not perfectly structured, we first process it, prior to any operation.
  • The conclusions of our analyses are submitted to you in person: you will see how we work and understand the bases for our opinions. For you, this means you can take your decisions fully informed.


A leader in advertising objects boosts the ROI of its prospecting actions thanks to a tailor-made score!

The IDAIA Group has been entrusted with the creation of a customized respondent score in order to meet a major objective: focus prospecting efforts on those companies most likely to embrace the brand’s products.

To do this, the IDAIA Group analyzed the database of companies solicited and the brand’s customer base. This analysis resulted in the creation of a respondent score, which was then tested on sample files before being generalized. The results lived up to expectations: the brand increased its sales very significantly each year since the operation.

Our strengths: listening, consulting, rigorous iterative method that continuously integrates feedback, availability to test new combinations, and each year, the use of new data from the IDAIA Group’s warehouse to enrich and optimize the score.

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