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Criteria for a well segmented customer base

Acquisition, commitment, loyalty, satisfaction... To convince and convert your targets, you must hyper-personalize your customer approach and define the commercial offer best suited to your target.

This requires you to further refine the segmentation of your customer base. And this is true no matter what use you make of this knowledge: marketing campaigns, preparing tenders, optimizing the customer experience, adapting sales strategies, etc.

In order to perfect your customer knowledge, segmentation is an essential step. It allows you to create groups of customers with similar profiles based on different criteria.
As a specialist in the fine exploitation of data, the IDAIA Group inspects your data in order to offer you the most relevant segmentation according to your objectives.

  • 1Segment your customers according to their socio-demographic criteria:

    • Socio-economic criteria: occupation, socio-professional category, income level, type of housing.
    • Demographic criteria: age, sex, family situation, marital status (single or in couple), level of education, etc.
    • Geographical criteria: region, community, etc.
  • 2Segment your customers according to their behavior and their RFA profile (Recency / Frequency / Amount):

    • Recency refers to the date of the customer's last purchase.
    • Frequency corresponds to the recurrence of purchases over a given period.
    • Amount is equal to the sum or average of the cumulative purchases over the same period.
  • 3Segment your customers according to their SMM profile (Small / Medium / Major customer)

  • 4Define customer typologies:

    • BtoB or BtoC customers or prospects: very good customers, active/inactive, product appetence, Web versus Store channel, good/bad payers, react well/badly to special offers, etc.
    • Offers: collection, channel, product, appetence, etc.
    • Costs: payment method, stock level, markdown, and so on.
    • Risks: bad payers, channel, etc.

All about RFA segmentation

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The benefits of marketing segmentation

There are many advantages to good segmentation:

  • Perfect knowledge of your customers
  • Improvement and customization of the offer thanks to a better identification of your targets.
  • Prioritization of your actions and an optimization of your ROI.

With this knowledge and this enriched vision of your customer base, you are able to define new relevant areas of analysis. You gain in terms of precision and accuracy of analysis.

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