Typologie client Neoprisme

Portraits of your customer base thanks to an original analysis of the French population in 54 portraits

“You tell us where your customers live and We’ll tell you who they are”

Neoprisme®: 54 portraits according to 13 major household profiles

From an unpublished analysis of the French based on over 200 criteria, retrieve salient data about your customers and their geographical locations.

Geomarketing typology compliant with IRIS

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    data compliant
    with IRIS

    France is composed of around 16,100 IRIS geographical units (INSEE data)

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    200 aggregated

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    Studies / scores
    integrating behavioral
    customer data

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A real photograph of the reality on the ground

This geomarketing typology returns precise data about your customers and their living environment.

Precise indicators on your customers!

Precise indicators on your customers!

Exemple de profil Néoprisme

Depending on the extent of the data provided

(e.g. average basket, number of visits…),

we can deepen and enrich the Neoprisme® analysis.

Data professionals to support you

Trusted third parties for your data

  • Recent and updated data

    sourced from OPEN DATA
    2016-2017, DGFiP, INSEE,…

  • Security of your data

  • Compliance with the legislation in force (GDPR, ...)

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Detailed customer knowledge
for effective and personalized
marketing actions


Enrich your customer knowledge

Knowing your customers’ living environment is a prerequisite for any relevant and targeted marketing action.

9 Preferred analysis axes to extract as much marketing intelligence as possible (purchasing power, number of cars, socio-professional category, household composition, etc.)


Target and communicate with prospects who have the same profile as your customers

Adopt a relevant and effective prospecting strategy on the same types of prospects as your customers.

Select your prospects from our Data BtoC ecosystem of over 45 million contacts.


Optimize your local marketing strategy

Do you think your customers are all the same… with the same profile? Not so!

Your products may well be similar from one store to another but your customers are different!

An analysis by point-of-sale is essential to identify precisely your customer typology and respond locally to the needs and expectations of your customers.

“Unleash the potential of socio-demographic data ... this is the key to powerful marketing”.

Decisive advantages:

  • Save time for your marketing teams

  • Hyper-customized messages and offers

  • Core target is reached - Qualified leads are reached

  • Bond of trust created with your customers

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