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Why geocode your addresses?

Geocoding is an essential treatment to position your customers, suppliers or prospects on a map from their postal address.

Geocoding allows to retrieve all the geographic coordinates such as latitude and longitude (X, Y) for each address. This information, benefiting from a high level of accuracy, will facilitate your sales organization and your decision making through a cartographic analysis.

Once geocoded, these data, when used with a Geographic Information System (GIS), will reveal their full potential. Geographical analysis can, for example, allow you to allocate a certain number of sales representatives to an area, depending on the data obtained (number of customers, presence of competition, etc.).

Address geocoding can also be used to optimize the route taken by a commercial tour or the division of commercial sectors. Depending on your needs and the number of addresses to be geocoded, we can take into account different levels of precision: region, postal code, district, street number…

The most powerful geocoding on the market

For each address present in your databases, our geocoding tool restores a csv file with a reliability rate of 98%, and accurate to within 5 to 10 meters. In this way, we obtain the best geographical coverage over the entire territory thanks to the combination of two complementary rebroadcasting licenses: TeleAtlas and IGN.

We perform file geocoding at the finest level, by matching the input channel to the channel contained in the repositories. This procedure works through a keyword search technique, uses the latest phonetic and approximate spelling techniques, and establishes a success rate. Once the track section has been identified, the (X,Y) coordinates are calculated by linear interpolation from the input track number and the section terminals.

The API restores by default (X,Y) coordinates in Lambert II extended, with the possibility to convert them to WG S84 GPS format.

Gain in performance

Address geocoding enables you to control your sales activity at local level, whether by assigning sales representatives by sector or by animating points of sale and catchment areas.

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