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We have more than a million people with a high level of land or financial wealth, they are rather high or even very high paid, some of them are company directors or at least senior executives. Many are patrons or donors...

  • 1Carry out targeted and personalized prospecting actions!

    Proximity marketing remains a must, and that a mail approach is more than recommended. Take good care of the presentation, make sure your message is adapted to this very demanding target, every detail counts.

    • Segment your prospects using more than 30 criteria: gender, age, age of spouse, number of children, high net-worth, property income, amount and type of financial investments, bank, type of housing, street, neighborhood, town, department, region, catchment area, commercial territory.
    • Access to constantly updated information, in fact every month 20,000 people are contacted by phone to check and enrich the information already collected. Thanks to the Group's data processing expertise, the data is also regularly updated (identification of people who have moved, compliance of telephone numbers in real time) to avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  • 2Identify your high potential in your customer database

    You can also use our file as a basis to enrich your own customer knowledge. We have a wealth of information that will help you refine your customer engagement programs. Does my client have any financial investments, what is his income level? This is important strategic information, often difficult to obtain…

    • Reconcile your customer file with our database of wealthy individuals. We can also carry out an audit of your customer base and propose, if necessary, to optimize and update your data.

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