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Access the largest market repository of emails from executives and decision-makers, updated daily. Our service includes support for your emailings.

  • Nominative and geolocalised emails
    The email addresses in the IDAIA Group’s data warehouse are all associated with a standardized postal address and benefit from precise geolocalisation (X and Y coordinates). In addition, each email is linked to a function in the company.
  • Numerous targeting criteria
    Our email database integrates many criteria to refine your targeting: function, company activity, workforce, legal category…
  • Advice and support
    We advise you on email prospecting and loyalty building: choice of email addresses, targeting, sending your email campaign (deliverability analysis and statistics included).

Target the best emails

To maximize the impact of your emailing campaigns and refine the targeting of your future customers, we provide you with the most relevant criteria.

  • Courtesy title, First name, Last name

  • Managers and Key Operations Staff

  • Sector of activity

  • Headcount

  • Geographic location

  • Data

  • Procedures

  • Company Registration numbers (SIREN/SIRET)

  • Full contact details

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