Database of official company registration numbers (Siren & Siret)
Database of official company registration numbers (Siren & Siret)

A large volume of reliable data which appeals to the biggest french customers

Enrich your company databases with SIRET numbers

A guarantee of fresh data about the companies you prospect and the reliability of your customer files. Specialist in processing official company registration numbers to improve the quality of your BtoB databases, the IDAIA Group takes care of everything:

Boost performance through the processing of official company registration numbers

  • 1Reliability of your company databases

    • Postal Address Verification (RNVP)
    • Enriching and updating SIRET numbers
    • Detection of companies that have closed down or relocated
    • Duplicate Detection
  • 2Enrichment to improve customer knowledge

    • In contact data: active emails, phones, mobiles
    • In operational functions: managers, decision-makers
    • Financial data
    • Insolvency proceedings
    • Additional strategic data: VAT number, sector of activity, number of employees, date of creation, ...
    • In geographic data
  • 3Regular updates

    • Regular treatments can be planned according to your problem. Our advisers are at your disposal.
    • Automatic, extended or manual processing
    • Our solutions can be deployed in the form of teleservices/webservices
    • Official source INSEE (database of official company registration numbers / BODAAC

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