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Restructuring Standardization Postal Validation

The postal address is a living data item! Channel names may change, postcodes may be modified, municipalities may disappear, ... It is therefore important to keep your addresses up to date in order to guarantee their compliance with the postal standard thanks to rnvp.

Aware of the challenge of having accurate, up-to-date addresses that comply with postal standards, we have specialized in Postal Address Verification (RNVP) processing in order to make your databases reliable and qualified.

The Geonorm software, developed by our teams of experts in RNVP is accredited by La Poste. Based on postal references (Hexaposte, Hexavia, Hexaclé, Hexaligne3, Roudis, Cedexa…) and in compliance with the standards set by the postal standard AFNOR NF Z 10-011, the software checks, corrects and optimizes each line of the address block, with a reliability rate of 98%.

The benefits of RNVP

  • Qualitatative
    Thanks to RNVP, all the lines of the address block are structured homogeneously. This is the prerequisite for accessing other treatments such as deduplication or deduplication.
  • Cost effective
    RNVP processing allows you to save on bulk postage rates for bulk mailings and to Reduce Undeliverable Mail. You increase the ROI of your marketing operations.
  • Accredited
    Our RNVP software, Geonorm is accredited by La Poste. This validation solution enables you to process the entire chain of restructuring, standardization and postal validation of your addresses in accordance with the references of the postal standard Afnor NF Z 10-011.

Standardization of postal addresses in 3 steps

Discover the different steps that allow the RNVP to identify and correct an erroneous postal address.

  • 1

    Restructuring address

    Restructuration adresse postale

    Analysis and verification of the postal address to put all the elements in the right place, in accordance with the postal standard.

  • 2

    Upgrading to standards

    Normalisation RNVP

    De-emphasis and elimination of parasitic characters. Respect of the number of characters per line, respect of standard abbreviations … All these rules of seizure are defined by the standard Afnor NF Z 10-011.

  • 3

    Postal validation

    Norme iso adresse postale

    Postal control and validation using 6 reference systems (notably Hexaposte Hexavia and hexacle) to check the accuracy of the elements that make it up. Restitution of a standard address.

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