data audit

A large volume of reliable data which appeals to the biggest french customers

We contribute to the improvement of your Single Customer Repository (SCR)!

Prospecting, e-mailing campaign, decision making, segmentation, identification of customer profiles, decision support ratios ... Do you want to use your company's data to grow? Then make sure your data is available, accurate and reliable!

As a specialist in data processing, the IDAIA Group intervenes to audit your database and provide a neutral external view aimed at improving your company’s data capital:

  • Identify duplicates
  • Assess the quality of your postal addresses
  • Assess the level of obsolescence of your database data
  • Assess your internal processes of acquisition, processing and use of your data
  • Identify the typology and volume of missing data to homogenize the quality of your database
  • Identify the data available in the company but not exploited

Become aware of the potential of your data to improve the performance of your operational actions and decision-making.

How do you know if your database is healthy?

  • Poorly maintained database
  • Clean database
  • Postal Address Verification (RNVP)
  • up to 18% of addresses to be corrected
  • less than 5% of addresses erroneous
  • Duplicates detected
  • up to 10% of duplicates to be eliminated
  • between 1% to 3% of duplicates to be eliminated
  • Customers who moved
  • up to 15% of customers moved
  • less than 3% of customers moved

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Put data at the heart of your strategy

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