47 million profiles that can be activated in direct marketing

Thanks to our 30 years of expertise in database management and numerous strategic partnerships, you have access to a global selection of the best sources on the market offering advanced segmentation criteria. Optimize your multi-channel strategy by multiplying your brand's points of contact with new qualified prospects.

  • 44 million

    postal addresses(standardized)

  • 22 million

    of emails(partner opt-ins)

  • 20 million


  • 23 million

    mobile phones(telemarketing)

  • 14 million

    mobile phones(opt-in SMS)

Efficiently target consumer profiles by theme according to your needs!

Targeted prospecting

  • Age
  • Owners / Tenants
  • Socio-professional category/wealth index
  • Geographic area
  • Consumer profiles
  • Interests / themes

Collecte données postales


  • Qualified traffic push
  • Lead generation
  • Need for new customers
  • Boost sales
  • Drive-to-store features

Look-a-like profiling

  • Targeting similar profiles to your customers / prospects
  • Socio – demographic criteria
  • Consumer habits (products / services)

Enrichment / Appending

  • Contact points (omnichannel)
  • Socio – demographic data
  • Household composition / type of dwelling
  • Thematic skills – consumption

Varied and complementary partners

All of the consumer profiles in the Neosphere database are reliable and enriched with exclusive statistical and geographic information.

The data are checked and updated very regularly and some strategic information is updated daily.

Take advantage of CARTÉGIE’s data quality and reliability

Benefit from reliable, standardized, historical and consolidated data.

Exclusive criteria CARTÉGIE

  • Socio-professional category / wealth index (exclusive scored data)
  • Gas connected community / energy typology

Prospection print

  • Postal Address Verification (RNVP)/ Charade / Estocade / Robinson

For your listings plans, take advantage of an exclusive catalog of more than 100 highly qualified partners (mail order, major brands, trade press …)More info

A tailor-made accompaniment

Marketing Targeting / Multi-criteria selection and customizable to your needs

  • Household or individual selection
  • Socio-demographic criteria (courtesy status / age / type of housing / landlord-tenant status / type of housing…)
  • Precise geolocation criteria (region / department / zip code / city / commune / canton / district / IRIS)
  • Centers of interest / affinity themes (more than 30 criteria available)

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Our complementary expertise

Marketing activation

Realization of your marketing campaigns

(emailing kit, dedicated landing pages...) to reveal the power of data placed at the heart of your multi-channel strategy.

Marketing activation

Acquisition and loyalty actions

Website or point of sale traffic, lead generation, engagement, retention...


Valuation of your data capital

The structuring, reliability, qualification, enrichment and processing of your data.

Customer Knowledge

Knowing your customers

Database analysis (customers / prospects / products...) typology, segmentation, scoring, surveys.


Integrating data into your strategy

Technological solutions to integrate data at the heart of your strategy (API / Web-services...).

A shared goal: your success in all your marketing actions!

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