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The New Companies Listing is:

  • Over 585,000 new registrations
    (businesses and sole traders (“auto-entrepreneur”) each year from our database of French companies,
  • The possibility to contact a company as soon as it is listed with INSEE,
  • Information updated daily.

New Companies Listing

  • Reactive
    Contact companies as soon as they are set up.
  • 100% official data
    Our sources: INSEE, Orange / France Telecom and IGN.
  • Very high potential
    All company creations by sector of activity, with a multi-criteria selection (date of creation, legal form, APE code, postal code, number of employees).
  • Geocoded
    Each company in the base is geocoded (X,Y) in order to perfectly link your actions to your commercial network.

A tailor-made offer to target the right contacts

Maximum reactivity for your prospection: you contact companies as soon as they are listed with INSEE, and most importantly, you reach them before your competitors do. The freshness of the information in our Companies File means that you directly engage with business creators right when they are making their first investments.

A Companies File with a high return on investment: you have direct access to thousands of new captive contacts. The first few months following the creation of a company are decisive: managers make their choice of service providers and suppliers. This is your guarantee to communicate with companies at the right time and to develop your potential clientele.

A complete market study: we deliver an Excel or csv file with the essential information: company name, standardized postal addresses, telephone numbers (fixed or mobile) and precise geographical coordinates.

Dedicated consultants and unrivaled expertise: by choosing the IDAIA Group, you are opting for a DATA + ADVICE services: we have nearly 30 years of expertise in the marketing of company data and can advise you on all your file purchasestargeting, and the organization of your operation.

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