Specialized in the provision of products and services to local and regional authorities?

With the listing “Elected Officials and Decision-Makers inside French Institutions”, communicate effectively about your company and your offers to institutional decision-makers of local and regional authorities.

The listing “Elected Officials and Decision-Makers inside French Institutions” is:

  • More than 600,000 elected officials (mayors, deputy mayors, town councilors, presidents of communities of communes, general councilors, regional councilors, deputies, senators…).

The benefits of the listing “Elected Officials and Decision-Makers inside French Institutions”

  • Official Sources
    Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Development, as well as the SIRENE listing provided by INSEE. Update of elected officials following each election (National in 2017, Local in 2014, etc).
  • Nominative
    Direct contact to the person who has the final decision-making power.
  • Complete
    To be able to prospect all the elected officials in France: mayors, town councilors, general councilors, regional councilors, deputies, senators.
  • Geolocalized
    To organize your prospecting geographically by catchment area and commercial sector.

The benefits of the listing “Elected Officials and Decision-Makers inside French Institutions”

The official French elected representatives listing
Official and exhaustive listing of the 600,000 French elected representatives. Each address contained in the file benefits from postal standards compliance. In a nutshell: the reference listing on local and public authorities!

A precise and multi-criteria targeting of elected officials
Thanks to the numerous targeting criteria, you segment your prospecting by political and administrative organization. You also have the possibility to target your prospects by type of institution, mandate , regions, departments, cantons, communes or inter-communalities.

Personalized support
Our team of experts will advise you to maximize the success of your public sector operations.

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