Steering the territorial strategy

Improving the welcome extended to new arrivals


The client

Bordeaux, which has enjoyed a strong appeal with a massive influx of new residents and new companies for many years, called on the IDAIA Group (formerly the CARTÉGIE Group) to manage its strategy for welcoming new arrivals..

The Client’s Request

Piloting its public actions and projects in order to respond to the problems of such a change.


The IDAIA Group has been supporting Bordeaux Métropole (City of Bordeaux) for many years on this scheme, which is all the more important as the city’s appeal continues to grow. Every year, we train new users in the solution and are available on the phone for any questions they may have.

Business bases de données


Key Account Consultant - IDAIA Group
For the record...

Bordeaux Métropole was looking for a solution to collect meaningful information about population movements (individuals and companies) on its territories for the purposes of information or institutional communication to new arrivals

The IDAIA Group, through its datadrive® solution, supports them on all their issues thanks to its numerous functionalities. The study and communication managers benefit from complementary databases for all the key services of their administration (housing, urban development, household composition, etc.) and strategic data to manage all their projects.

Actions implemented
  • Integration into datadrive® of data from the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area CRM (business data, sectoring by polling station) to be cross-referenced with IDAIA Group's socio-demographic data.

  • Provision of BtoB data capital: the Créations d'Entreprises and Géosociétés Déménagements databases (updated every day) to welcome new companies into the community.

  • Provision of BtoC data capital: the "New Neighbors" database (updated every week with 6 months of historical data) to welcome newcomers to the community and to study migration flows with precision. CARTÉGIE EXCLUSIVITÉ (IDAIA Group): partnership with La Poste (French Postal Service).

  • Data extractions to send a welcome kit to newcomers.

In summary

Bordeaux Métropole called on the IDAIA Group to

  • Studying migration flows and identifying the attractiveness of each territory

  • Identify new residents and new business start-ups

  • Get their contact details

  • Enhance the welcome extended to newcomers

  • Optimize local services


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