Creating and growing an engaging brand universe


The client

Since 2005, Dynamika® has been innovating in the field of aquatic and Spa activities. A French manufacturer, from design to distribution, the company has created a veritable industrial pole in the Aquitaine region.

Pioneer of aquabiking in France in the 2000s, Dynamika® is today a leader in the field of water-based fitness and has never stopped innovating to make activities and treatments in water more efficient.

The Client’s Request

Create a brand universe that can be used on the website and the graphic design of the event stands.


"The redesign of the site was the ideal opportunity to take into account the new uses of Internet users, thinking "mobile first". We naturally oriented our design towards the mobile experience in our ergonomic and design choices."

Matthieu Verdier

Digital Project Manager IDAIA Group
For the record...

Dynamika® called on IDAIA to redefine its brand universe and the graphic design of event stands

Our first challenge was to recreate the contours of the Dynamika® brand with the key words: well-being, lightness and softness.

We considered it essential to immerse users in a strong visual universe, highlighting product innovation and the direct benefits of use. That’s why we have particularly worked on the visuals and colors in order to have this feeling of immersion, comfort and care for a feeling of well-being on the skin!

Actions implemented
  • Initially, we focused on reviewing the brand strategy to rethink its marketing positioning around the group's founding values and product benefits.

  • The definition of this new brand universe allowed us to highlight the notions of well-being, lightness and softness.

  • Once this framework was defined, our creative teams were able to start work on the project and design the key visuals and color code for the brand.

  • Last step, the development of communication supports, namely the creation and development of the website, then the realization of event stands.

In summary

Dynamika® called on IDAIA to:

  • Consulting and marketing strategy

  • Define a brand universe

  • Design the graphic identity

  • Develop a website

  • Create print media


Engaging communication to get off on the right foot!