Moments in life
Proven areas of interest

Targeting and reactivity for your marketing activation procedures

Through an analysis of the navigation / semantic / scoring paths of a very large selection of partner sites, we are able to offer you profiles according to:

  • Their affinity with a proven interest, moment of life (moving, birth, buying real estate…) ;
  • A passion (food, sport, travel…)
  • Their proximity with an imminent purchase.

5 steps to identify prospects

  • 1Capture

    an audience of Internet users who have recently browsed thematic sites related to an intention to purchase

  • 2Analyze and Assess

    an affinity audience by analyzing the proven intention signals (Semantic analysis of requests / duration and recurrence of visits / attribution of a multi-criteria refined score)

  • 3Profiler

    the audience by anonymized cross-referencing: third party cookies less than 30 days old / emails (encrypted partner opt-in)

  • 4Qualify

    the audience through the combination with the BtoC data capital of 47 million CARTÉGIE consumer profiles

  • 5Activate

    this ultra-targeted audience of prospects on the appropriate channel (email, SMS, postal, tel, …) according to your objectives and generate increased performance

Do you want to target purchasing prospects or people on key life moments?

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Put data at the heart of your strategy

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